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How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

All major dental associations including the ADA (American Dental Association) recommend that you have your teeth cleaned every six months. That’s our recommendation at The Smile Lounge, too. Dr. Henderson typically sees patients twice a year for teeth cleanings.

Twice-yearly cleanings help us keep an eye on your oral health. They also allow you to make the most of dental insurance coverage, since your policy typically will cover two cleanings every year. Contact us now to schedule your next checkup in Tigard. We’re always accepting new patients!

Dental cleaning in Tigard

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Six-month teeth cleanings are the best way to prevent cavities and gum disease, and help keep your teeth bright and strong.

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How It Works: The Teeth Cleaning Process

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X-rays are usually taken once per year, and are recommended for first-time patients. They allow our dental team and Dr. Henderson to look below the surface and check for hidden oral health issues. At The Smile Lounge, we use modern digital x-ray equipment that provides better accuracy, lower radiation exposure, and faster overall treatment times.

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Scraping Away Plaque & Tartar

To begin your cleaning, your Tigard hygienist will use special dental scaling tools to remove tartar from your teeth. This is important because bacteria-filled tartar cannot be removed with at-home brushing alone. Scaling your teeth helps keep them healthy.

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Polishing Your Teeth

Once the bulk of plaque and tartar have been removed, your hygienist will use gritty toothpaste and a polishing tool to brush, buff, and polish your teeth. This leaves them feeling clean and smooth.

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As the final step, your teeth will be professionally flossed to remove any remaining debris and ensure that they are completely clean. This also allows your hygienist to look out for things like bleeding when flossing, which could indicate gum disease or inadequate at-home flossing.

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Oral Exam

Dr. Henderson will always perform your oral exam after a cleaning. Clean teeth are easier to diagnose, and this also allows him to discuss any initial findings your hygienist has seen during the cleaning process. During this in-depth exam, he will check all of your teeth, your dental restorations, your gums, and your x-rays to look for signs of any areas of concern. Then, he’ll discuss his findings with you, and schedule any necessary follow-ups.

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Will I Need To Be Numbed For A Teeth Cleaning?

No! Routine teeth cleanings are a completely non-invasive, pain-free treatment. Our hygienists are gentle and will make sure that you feel comfortable during your teeth cleaning in Tigard. There’s no need for numbing during your appointment.

However, if you do need a “deep cleaning” (scaling & root planing) for gum disease, this will require your mouth to be numbed. This is a completely different procedure from a routine prophylactic teeth cleaning, and it’s only needed if you have gum disease. This periodontal care procedure involves cleaning deeply between the teeth and gums. Numbing is used to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

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